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At Ochah Mineral Pet Care, we produce the finest non-medicated grooming solutions: natural, reliable, and effective, because your pets trust you to do what’s right for them.

The Healing Power of the Dead Sea

The healing benefits of the Dead Sea have been well documented in medical studies, and anecdotally going back thousands of years. The salts and minerals relieve tired, aching muscles, reduce inflammation, moisturize skin – the biggest organ you have – and create a therapeutic, calming effect.

The idea for Ochah Mineral Pet Care began while we were relaxing in the Dead Sea and noticed a lack of pets in the area. As we are all pet-lovers, we knew that our furry friends would benefit from the relaxing experience. The more we looked into it, the more we learned just how beneficial the Dead Sea minerals and salts could be for our pets.
And that’s how an idea, born at 1,407 feet below sea level, is growing into the country’s leading pet care service.

Active Minerals for Active Lifestyle

The Dead Sea has the richest concentration of active minerals, including Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Selenium, Chloride, Sulfur, Bromide and Manganese; combined with natural extracts and essential oils, Ochah products help hydrate, relax, detoxify, and purify your pet's skin and fur.

Amongst various natural extracts and essential oils infused in our many mud scrubs, shampoos and conditioners, Dead Sea minerals are present and active in every product to ensure your pet is receiving the best treatments available at an affordable price.
Products from the lowest point on earth that meet your highest expectations, naturally.


Ochah products are formulated with human-grade, natural ingredients, vitamins, and pure essential oils.