A very good friend of mine who is a groomer in Orlando, FL was given a sample of the ochah mud shampoo.  She has an elderly dog that no amount of medications nor a plethora of shampoos and other products has ever been able to help with her debilitating scratching and biting at her skin.  She called me to say that she was so impressed with it and suggested it might be helpful to our rescued Boston Terriers. She bathed her dog with the shampoo provided in the sample and massaged the Dead Sea mud onto her body and let it sit for 15-20 mins, after which it was rinsed off.  Her dog immediately stopped scratching and for the first time in a very long while spent a peaceful night sleeping throughout and 48 hours since the treatment is still completely comfortable.

— Sherry
— Boston Terrier Rescue


I recently had the pleasure of trying out this line of product. I used the 3 in 1 on two of my deshed dogs. This product is amazing! While drying, the hair was flying off. Normally after a bath and drying I would spend anywhere up to 40 minutes brushing these dogs. No brushing was needed

— Rebecca


Like everyone else I have tried many many products, always in search of the ones that are safer for my clients. My thing is if I can't use or trust using it on my own dogs I WILL NOT use on clients. I have 2 poms and a very large doodle with cotton feeling fur. I used the Mineral 3in1 on my doodle a week ago and he still smells so good even after rolling around in the yard and just doing dog stuff. The best part of the sample experience was the Baby powder MUD. I had a client come in last week, his skin is so bad, flaky, smelling and just really dry. You pet him and flakes fall off of him. Now I have been grooming him for around 3 years, and have not found a product to work. Well that time came. I left the mud on him for 7 minutes, and as I was rinsing him I had to double take, as his skin was not flaking. I thought well this is too good to be true. Then I started drying him, it was amazing no flakes for the first time, his skin was moist and fur was sooooo soft. I would highly recommend these products for groomers; your clients will thank you for it. Thank you Ochah for creating a product I can trust!

— Pawz Salon


I loved the samples I got in the mail!! As a groomer with a holistic degree this is great!

— Rheta


I did receive your products thank you so much! I really liked the mineral mud shampoo. It left the dogs coat feeling super soft and super shiny! The actual mineral mud was amazing as well. I used it on one of the larger standard poodles I groom and it left her hair feeling great. Very soft and easy to brush out. Thank you again so much

— Ashley
— Woofgang Bakery and Grooming


I used the white shampoo first on a Bichon. As far as whitening the coat I feel it did about the same job as the current one I use. However I liked the texture it left the coat and it looked nice and plush. The mud shampoo with honey and camel milk I absolutely LOVE. I used it on a shih tzu that has a greasy coat that I have a hard time  getting clean. The shampoo totally stripped the coat of the oil and rehydrated it all at the same time. The mineral shampoo I used in my own personal Doberman

— Stephanie
— Pampered Paws-N-Claws


I've been using it now for about 3 solid weeks on all my personal customers. So far I've been super impressed with the way my dogs smell and feel. One of my customers with chronic mildew smelling beard no longer had that smell. Skin conditions seem to be alleviating and my heavy shedders are less work.

— Bath Brush and Beyond


I gave (Henry) mud bath at my hotel. Love it! He loves it! He smells great. He has not been shedding and he looks great. I used it on myself as well. :)

— Bill & Henry


We tried the purple mud treatment on Sunday - it smelled really nice and Abbott was nice and calm after. His skin looked good - less pink. He doesn't seem as itchy since.

— Deanna & Abbott


I have been very selective with the samples you gave me; I wanted to make sure I used them on the best coat types, and skin. I have to say, I am VERY impressed with the out come, not only did the dogs come out with softer coats and lovely smelling, but my hands were much softer and my skin was not as dry, that in the grooming world is very big!!!

— Liza 

Hi, My sister met you at Global yesterday and we just used your product on my westie.  Product smells wonderful and my dog enjoyed the treatment. 

— Wendy


I did use ochah products and I looooove them! My favorite was the baking soda coconut oil. Great scent and made the dog feel so clean. Thank you

— Crystal

I did try your productd, and while I love the shampoo, there was only one of them that the scent didn't bother my allergies.  I don't recall offhand which one it was as I'm not at the shop at the moment.  I will say, I have that problem with many lines of pet products

— Dogs By Design


I really liked the mineral mud shampoo. It left the dogs coat feeling super soft and super shiny! The actual mineral mud was amazing as well. I used it on one of the larger standard poodles I groom and it left her hair feeling great. Very soft and easy to brush out. I wasn't super thrilled about the scent but the lady loved it. Thank you again so much.

— Ashley 
— Woofgang Bakery and Grooming


Spa day has never been so good! I am a professional dog groomer and since I have started using Ochah products, my clients and I have noticed a wonderful difference in their pets. They quit itching as much or completely, the pets are so soft and they are calmer for their grooming. I highly recommend giving Ochah products a try! Thanks Amal and everyone at Ochah for a great product that actual does what they claim and for the top notch customer service

— Judy 
— Whisders to tail mobile dog grooming


Thank you Ochah for sending me your awesome samples! So far I have used the Lavender Mud Scrub on a few different dogs and I am loving the results!!! I can't wait to try out some of the other products you have sent me thank you again!!

— Jessica


Just tried mineral 3 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, love the smell and the softness it leaves behind. Love the mineral white coat and the mineral mud olive oil and coconut too

— Muddy Dog Salon


WOW, what a difference it made. I took a before picture of my groom and another One after. She went from yellow to white. I am in the process of moving, so Not ready to place an order as of yet. I was suppose to get some cologne samples but have not received.Once settled in new location, I will be placing an order.

— Kathy 

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