"I loved the samples I got in the mail!! As a groomer with a holistic degree, this is great!"



"I gave (Henry) mud bath at my hotel. Love it! He loves it! He smells great. He has not been shedding and he looks great. I used it on myself as well. :)"

Bill & Henry


"We tried the purple mud treatment on Sunday - it smelled really nice and Abbott was nice and calm after. His skin looked good - less pink. He doesn't seem as itchy since."

Deanna & Abbott


"Hi, My sister met you at Global yesterday and we just used your product on my westie.  The product smells wonderful and my dog enjoyed the treatment." 



"Just tried mineral 3 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, love the smell and the softness it leaves behind. Love the mineral white coat and the mineral mud olive oil and coconut too"

 Muddy Dog Salon